Recruiting Areas

We keep your business running

We bring you responsible, loyal and hardworking workers


Our recruited workforce comes for 2 years contract, available for overtime hours and familiar with hardships in agriculture work.

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We select only the ones having a good previous experience on their country of origin, exactly on what you want them to do.

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Cleaning Services

When it comes about cleaning for homes, offices, hotels or public areas we don't make compromise. We'll bring the right people.

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Team spirit, endurance and meticulousness are some of the qualities that recommend our people for the construction field.

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Asians have proven their effectiveness in FMCG, and their native qualities recommend them for this industry: responsibility, careful with details.

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Hotels & Restaurants

The presence of Asian employees in restaurants, cafes and hotels creates a positive image in companies.

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Leisure & SPA

Asian employees in a SPA salon can only bring benefits. Their care for their fellows, doubled by empathy and skill will help your business.

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Manufacturing & Production

The textile, shoe, automotive and other manufacturing industries are areas where Asians have demonstrated effectiveness.

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Transportation & Logistics

Asians are ready to fill vacancies in the transportation and logistics industry. Hardworking, willing to work overtime, responsible and skilled.

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